Perky Shoes, life can be lighter

Perky Shoes is a Brazilian brand of footwear which appeared in December 2011 founded by Rodrigo Casas and Gabriela Giovannini in order to bring the world comfortable, modern and innovative footwear.

Perky is the first Brazilian company to reinvent the style of espadrilles (slip ons), seeking excellence in the production of unique and innovative products through the use of differentiated and exclusive materials. The range has now expanded into more styles including docksiders, tennis shoes, lowsiders and the unique “Slider” range.

rodrigo-and-gabriela-perky-founders.png                                   Photo: Rodrigo and Gabriela, Perky’s foundersPerky has a sustainable line called ECO Perky with all models in this collection made from recycled textile materials. In addition, soles are made using recycled PVC flakes and cork. The company has partnered with renowned brands of Brazilian fashion such as Daslu, Reserve and Mini Reserve, Juliana Jabour, Fable, among others. The goal of Perky is to be the leading brand of sneakers and export the Brazilian spirit of lightness and creativity to the world.Perky Shoes has a presence in most of the larger Brazilian stores and besides New Zealand, exports to Italy, Portugal, Norway and Saudi Arabia.